Cookie Policy

Navigating on RO-ALERT website through a browser, in your computer there might be stored small data files, also known as session cookies.

Session cookies:

are used to uniquely identify a device to perform statistics on the number of visitors;

their lifespan lasts until the Internet browser is closed;

do not store information to identify persons or personal data;

do not carry viruses or malware and they cannot extract any data from the visitor’s device.

Some cookies are essential and without them we are not able to provide you with certain services on this portal. Other cookies can be disabled, yet this will affect the function of RO-ALERT portal.

Cookies on RO-ALERT portal:

Cookie type Category Type: session/ persistent Expiry Accessed by Purpose
real-accessability Essential Persistent 12 mo. RO-ALERT To memorize the settings to access module: grow-shrink font size, colour change, underline hyperlinks etc.
pll_language Essential Session 12 mo. RO-ALERT To memorize the language set by user on visiting the website.
__cfduid Essential Persistent 12 mo. To identify the trusted web traffic. It does not correspond to any application user nor does it store personal data.
NID Essential Session 12 mo. Google Cookie NID – unique identifier, used by Google applications to store information on your preferences.
gdpr[consent_types] Essential Session 12 mo. RO-ALERT Necessary to register your consent regarding cookie policy.
gdpr[allowed_cookies] Essential Session 12 mo. RO-ALERT Necessary to register your consent regarding cookie policy.

Cookies management

Cookie files can be controlled by their deletion or blocking through your browser settings at your choosing. If you do that some of the website’s characteristics might not work properly and you may have to manually set your preferences every time you visit this website.

All modern browsers offer you the option of changing cookies settings which can be usually found in the “Options” section or in the “preferences” menu of your browser.

More info on how to manage cookies using the most popular browsers: