RO-ALERT system allows sending Cell Broadcast messages to warn and alert citizens in case of emergency, according to the legal provisions.

RO-ALERT System is used in those major situations, in which citizens’ lives and health condition are endangered, such as extreme weather conditions, threatening floods, terrorist attacks and other situations that severely threaten communities.

RO-ALERT system is implemented on Romanian territory by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, through its General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (IGSU) and the technical support provided by Special Telecommunications Service, consequent to EMERGENCY ORDINANCE no. 72 of October 5th, 2017.

EMERGENCY ORDINANCE regarding the operation of the RO-ALERT Emergency Warning System for the Population


In order to send an alert to population, the RO-ALERT operator has a digital map available, on which they can select/ highlight the area where the alert must be sent.

Sending the alert

The content of the alert as well as the information on the area where it must be sent are carried through private interconnections of RO-ALERT with mobile phone operators’ networks.

Cell Broadcast technology that RO-ALERT is based on, enables mobile communications antennae in the selected area to send the alert to all mobile phones found in the respective area. The users’ names and phone numbers are not necessary, thus they remain unknown.

Other information on an emergency alert sent to the mobile communication networks, includes message validity and the number of re-sent messages as well. A mobile phone having already received an alert will no longer get the same message again.

Receiving the alert

The Cell Broadcast-compatible mobile phones, working in the coverage area the antennae send the alert will automatically display the content of the respective alert.

The way a message is displayed as well as the sound of alert notification may vary with the phone type.

RO-ALERT messages can be received on the entire Romanian territory, wherever there is 2G/3G/4G GSM signal. No special application is necessary to install on the mobile phones. It makes no difference whether you have prepaid or subscriber services and no additional costs or taxes are involved on receiving RO-ALERT messages. If the phone is off or has no signal, alerts will not be received.

You do not have to own smart phones in order to receive RO-ALERT messages. HERE you can find information on mobile phones compatibility to RO-ALERT system.

RO-ALERT Functionalities

- Sending alerts according to the imminent event by means of mobile phone operators’ networks;
- Fast message sending to all users located in the threatened area, even if mobile phone networks are congested;
- Instant message display on the mobile phone screen without any intervention of the user;
- Cyclic repetition of alerts at certain time frames;
- Receiving alerts by terminals using roaming services on the Romanian territory;
- Accuracy of alerts, solely based on information provided by authorized sources.

Who is responsible for proper function of RO-ALERT System

RO-ALERT System, implemented with the Special Telecommunications Service technical support, is run by the 24/7 operational agencies of IGSU and its subordinated structures, the messages being sent to the mobile communication terminals located in the affected areas by means of interconnection with the infrastructures of the authorized network operators in Romania.

The role of each responsible authority for proper function of RO-ALERT is in accordance with GD no. 557/2016 regarding risk management. According to the above-mentioned GD, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, IGSU, DSU as well as other authorities hold the main role in warning citizens, and Special Telecommunications Service provide support for continuity in the proper function of communication and information networks serving the National Emergency Management System (NEMS).


RO-ALERT population warning system in case of emergency is devised, developed and run by the Ministry of Internal Affairs through its Department for Emergency Situations and Inspectorate for Emergency Situations, in order to send emergency alerts to population by means of infrastructures owned by the mobile communication operators in Romania, as well as other means of sending alerts to citizens (radio, television etc.).

Acting as responsible authorities, IGSU and DSU use RO-ALERT solely to compose and send Cell Broadcast messages in order to warn and alert population in accordance with legal provisions and they hold full responsibility for sending such alerts.


Special Telecommunications Service is technically responsible for implementing, starting and administrating RO-ALERT, as well as for creating secure channels necessary for its proper functioning, including security mechanisms applied to equipment and RO-ALERT users, too.


The operator is any of the authorized public mobile communication providers in Romania, i.e. VODAFONE, ORANGE, TELEKOM and RCS&RDS. Their responsibility is ensuring proper technical support necessary to interconnect RO-ALERT with their own network infrastructures.